The Milwaukee Athletic Club is pleased to announce our new reciprocal relationship with Elite Sports Clubs. Elite Sports Clubs are premiere full service sports clubs in Metro Milwaukee.  This premium product offers more than just cardio and fitness, but boasts newly updated and state of the art facilities along with amenities not previously available to our Members. Amenities include indoor and outdoor pools, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, indoor sport courts (basketball, volleyball, racquetball, etc.), fitness classes, free child care, and much more. We invite you to explore your new benefits and amenities at

Please direct any questions or concerns to our Membership Office at
*Existing MAC Members, please contact the Membership Office at 414.273.4126 to learn how to qualify for access to the MAC/ELITE Affiliation.

MAC members @ Elite
  • All current MAC Members can start using the Elite Sports Clubs
  •  MAC Members get ALL the benefits at the Elite Sports Clubs (no restrictions)
Elite Locations:
North Shore- 5750 N. Glen Park Road | River Glen- 2001 W. Good Hope Road | Mequon- 11616 N. Port Washington Road | Brookeld 13825 W. Burleigh Road | West Brookeld- 600 N. Barker Road

Elite members @ MAC
  • Elite Members who are at the highest level of membership (Passport/VIP) could start using the MAC.
  • Athletic departments, Dining/Food and Beverage (Mac’s, Bali Grill), rooftop Deck, hotel rooms, parking, and SOME MAC events.
  • Specifics regarding Parking: Elite members can use our structure and surface lot but they will NOT receive a parking card. They can get a ticket from the front desk for a discounted rate.
  • Specifics regarding SOME events: MAC members get top priority with Club sponsored events and any activities (such as packer/badger busses, ticket packages, boxing night etc.). We will have a time frame for if we have open spots that Elite members can sign-up for the events.
  • Specifics regarding athletic departments: Elite members can use our athletic facilities but they will NOT be able to purchase a permanent locker. They can only use day lockers. They will scan in using their Elite card.
  •  National Clubs/Affiliations: Elite Members have access to our national Clubs that we have reciprocity with but they do NOT have access to our 26 local Wisconsin Clubs (i.e. Wisconsin golf courses, north hills country club, etc.). Email if you’d like the list.
  •  Clubs within a Club/MAC Committees: Elite Members can have access to the Clubs within the Club (i.e. book club, cigar club), but there will be caps set where they cannot exceed a certain number of participants. Elite Members are NOT allowed to be on a committee.
  • Billing/Charges: Elite Members who come here often to use dining/rooftop and want to make charges are highly encouraged to fill out an ACH billing form through the business office. The billing office will create an account for them on Northstar and the Elite Members can then have an account set-up through us and use their own number for charging privileges.
  • If they do not have an account set-up they have to pay either cash or credit card. Front desk has copies of the ACH form along with the billing office if you need them. They can fill out the forms electronically and send to or drop them off in the business department during their normal hours (8am-4:30 M-F).